Tuesday, June 2, 2009

coming back from a long awaited mission

I fear I might be sick, sick of heart and soul.. not so much mind..

I took 2 months off, because no matter what I felt for 1 of those months, it didn't matter, I couldn't crack a smile, couldn't feel my feet.. barely felt my mind. the jumbled jargon I spoke only soothed those who saw me.. I trusted what I knew was right and closed out those who didn't care..

I was waiting for a sign of remorse and never was shown the path of righteousness.. I found comfort in those who were miserable, and from those words, I found a light.

my mind feels scattered, but that's normal.
light finds me every few days while they're mid adventure, just to see if I'm still shining with feelings of staying positive..

I needed that.
it was nice to hear that I was something, something special, because I was tired of feeling worn down and delapitated.

welcome back said the fingers to the keys
welcome back mind
I still fear, that tomorrow, I might be crazy.
but at least I have today.
welcome back.

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