Wednesday, December 17, 2008

how can one be on the verge of breaking down

just teeter over the edge and make the plunge.

holidays, sweet holidays.. when people become up in arms in the most endearing way. I cannot wait for this week to be over. My frustration threshold has been exceeded and all I feel like doing is throwing in the towel or at least a washcloth.

I've found the best thing in my life is shuffling into my apartment, slipping my shoes off, curling into a blanket on the couch and drifting off to sleep in the early evening for the littlest of naps.

my hot coco becomes cold too quickly and the same old saga of what would fill me up for lunch has become a problem. today I'll go with an old stand by.

I wondering, do I need Internet access at home? because as of right now I have to sit in the appropriate corners of them room to access my main homepage.. the daily puppy. i just know that I find it to be ridiculous to pay so much money for something I can use at work for free.. too bad my photos can't upload on their own bandwidth once I take them. someone get on that.

today I feel stressed and that intern makes me feel crazy.

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