Tuesday, December 9, 2008

slight of hand.. tricky mind

my feet keep moving yet I stay exactly where I started. Even though things keep moving up in life, it seems I can't keep from sliding backwards.

the voids felt in my new living space are slowly being filled with newly saved pieces of wood that once were someone elses. but who can beat free? the kitchen fills fuller and my bedroom has one less box. leaving me currently with 1 1/2 boxes to go. hopefully soon enough I'll be able to live my life fully, box free.

the holiday season has engulfed every part of my life. twinkling lights, green and red tinted everything, candy cane lanes and holiday parties are in my very future. and I don't know if you could say I'm happy about it. The stressful thoughts of what to get who or who to get what, keeps me from falling directly to sleep. The nagging notion that the money tree just might not bloom really keeps me from purchasing anything currently, hoping that I can stretch out the last few days before the deadline of dec 19th and dec 25th.

the lonliest of seasons always seems more lonely the older you become..
but at least I only feel slightly abnormal, just a little crazy.

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