Tuesday, December 30, 2008

an open letter to 2008

Well, I've known you almost a whole year now (tomorrow marking our anniversary) and I'm ready to move on. You've given me heartache, tears (both sad and happy), headaches a plenty and many many wonderful memories.

Although I wouldn't say I hate you, I would say I'm glad to see us moving on. 2009 promises to be nothing but roses comparatively, at least that’s what I’ve already been set up for.

I can't say that our time was all bad this year, I got to travel across the map with some of my good friends; I took many pictures, and made new friends that I’ll never forget. You also brought many happy times to those I care about most… engagements, weddings, wealth, love in all forms and probably the most important, life (continuing and starting).

I thank you for all ups and certainly for all the downs, because without them, I wouldn’t continue to grow and learn what I can withstand and what I undoubtedly don’t want to go through again.

In the last few months you’ve been very kind, as if you were making up for the first part of the year… I’ve got to hand it to you; the apartment was by far my favorite part. I finally feel as though I’m a grown up, or at least getting there.

Thanks again for a year full of interesting times; I’ll try to use what I’ve learned from you to go forward into 2009 with my head firmly placed on my shoulders and my heart ready for new adventures.

Best of luck to you, 2008,
Please don’t contact me again, for this is my goodbye to you.

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