Friday, February 20, 2009

least we forget you are a martyr

I wouldn't know where to begin even if you told me just to start all over. I miss a beat and every second runs past me like in some sort of foot race. I think I'm losing. but honestly, I can't remember if I entered or not...

my dear life, where are you taking me? on which road do we roam? and what can I do to secure that the way we're traveling isn't going to end in a crash landing?

oh fatal heart, fragile to the ways of the wind... in which way will this end? probably in tears and uncontrollable fear... but possibly encased in happiness... something which is barely spoken.

as a smile creeps across the sullen face of a wondering stranger, who are you to judge how I am seen? who are you to tell me who I am and how I must feel... just a reflection in a mirror.. a fraction of what I think I know

and what are these strategically placed words? do they even mean anything? who am I to you?

why do I suddenly feel like today, I could be crazy

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