Monday, January 19, 2009

I thought you'd save me, boy was I wrong.

It's returned.
My non existent friend called sleep deprivation. I hope this was a one night stand because I can't possibly seem to function if this is how things are going to be for awhile. I've got things to do, friends coming to town, sleep to have.

I wonder if they know that I've become extremely cautious with the future endeavors that keep being talked about, I'm bracing myself for a slow decline, a steady downfall.. the usual pattern that happens when heart and head don't synchronize to the right point in time.

oh conscious heart, cautious head, please just try not to get me into the same old mess, I'm trying for the positive but you know we always end up in the negative.

I'm tired of believing all the same old misleading words that infiltrate my thinking, and it's not any ones fault but my own. I should know by now. woven words always end in a disastrous way

please don't tell me that I'm crazy

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jeanne caldwell said...

Sleep deprivation sucks. I've been insomniac for too many years to count. Must take ambian, even the tiredness of chemo and all this disease can't make me sleep. Yes it makes me sleepy, but no sleep. The brain just keeps on thinking and going on and on about NOTHING.
Once I'm asleep though, I stay asleep. That's where the Ambian helps. I'm off to take it now.... had chemo today.... must sleep... no matter how hard. Love your writing. I find it warm, although you sound disturbed by life, you sound like a warm person.
Peace. Jeanne