Friday, January 30, 2009

I blurred your vision with words of wisdom

oh twisted tongue, mangled in the desperate attempt to save face in a situation that just turned out as expected.. how does one time it ever so right that they can pull themselves from walking into on coming traffic.

my mind has a mind of it's own, if that's possible. and I believed and was let down, but who couldn't have known by the hints being dropped on the trail leading to what looked like salvation, or at least a nice place to rest for a moment.

I'll keep up with the cryptic talking, with the trailing words that never seem to go anywhere, because I know exactly what I mean, and I, not so secretly, hope you do as well. whoever is paying attention at any given moment, take that breath and hold on while I catch mine. wait a bit longer, this could take a while.

one step forward, slide 3 paces back, if you happen to pass go, don't say what's up to the man on the corner of Broadway and Med. because he won't remember your name, even if he can picture your face. What a sad feeling, a nothing less name with the same old face.

it's like a boat with no sails, missing some wood, possibly gaining water and only one working oar. you've guessed it, just keep it to yourself this time because I hate the I told you so's and I hate the things you think under your breath. don't worry, because I think them too.

and I feel really uncomfortable in my own skin today, and I'm pretty sure the crazy is creeping on in.

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