Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a site for four eyes

place one foot in front of the other and keep your mind in step... breathe in and out and don't forget to remember your way... don't talk to strangers but don't be rude to those who smile out of their way.... open your heart to someone new but be shattered if you're hurt... mind your manners and be your own person in a court of the world.
get to work on time and be fashionably late for your life.

following rules seems to be a game that I can't comprehend. If I do one thing, it's the wrong thing... If I feel one way, I shortly feel like I've made a mistake within my own vessel pumping blood. however, so frustrating.

I've seen the tallest crumble to the ground with nothing to break their fall.. without putting their limbs out to hold them up in the slightest and the future seems so bleak.. 

I've seen the ones barely strong enough to hold their own weight pick up the life of others within a single fragmented sentence...

and I still feel lost, and jumbled.. 
what is crazy?

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