Thursday, March 12, 2009

break down the walls with your destructive thoughts

I woke up late, as per usual and stumbled to the bathroom to brush my teeth from my head and as I stepped on the cold hard tile, a shiver went down my spine. confusion on my face and thoughts of horror ran through my mind.. what is this?

it was raining in my bathroom, and it was beautiful outside. or at least I figured it would be if only I could see through walls.

The water bubble on my ceiling finally popped.. I would stare at this spot on my ceiling while showering.. wondering if it would finally come apart... and luckily enough, for me, it did.

the explanation that was given to me by my landlord was probably the weirdest twisted sense of words that I would come to know.

why is it that bad luck won't leave me alone? why does it grasp me so firm and not want to let me go? maybe no one should come near me, I'd hate for it to rub off anymore than it already has.

the rest of today has been nothing short of dismal, with the person I want to talk to most, seemingly distant.. I'm not sure what to do, where to go, or how I got to be here. all I want is for some comfort and words that would induce cheering up.. but even that seems too much to ask for.. I'd hate to put anyone through what this life has been dealing to me..

I'd like for the downward spiral to stop.
you're making me feel crazy
and I'm tried of it.

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