Tuesday, November 4, 2008

are your hands touching the keys?

I slipped out of bed this morning, and when I slipped I don't mean I literally slipped but more like stumbled. Throwing the covers off is a normal morning routine, it seems to be the only way that really forces me to get to my feet.

as I sauntered into the office this morning with my scarf around my neck and a hoodie zipped up tight I couldn't help but think... this could possibly be the biggest day in history, as I may see it in my lifetime.

settling in my big red chair, I place my feet on my computer tower, and yawn slightly. I sit in this position for the next few hours, eyes semi focusing on the screen and earphones hugging my ears. this has become 'work' because nothing is coming in and nothing is leaving my screen...

I don't even know what links to click on anymore, hoping that my mind will be entertained for at least a moment... I've found the end of the internet I think.. and man is it boring.

I feel as though I might be crazy today
but that could just be the clouds talking

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