Friday, November 7, 2008

if I slowed down anymore I fear I'd be dead

as the light rain falls outside my window, and the tv blares, I try ever so hard to tune everything out.. the right thing to do would probably be turn the window off and close the tv but I can't seem to find any remotes and I think my legs are in a state of paralysis or maybe it's just my brain..

I can't seem to get comfortable in my own skin. it's tight and itches. it's pale with colorful markings sprawled across it.. i guess I've tried to make it my own. looks like I wont be able to return it for a refund at the end of it's use.

I over think most situations, and some say that's the good way to go but I'm pretty sure they're not in there when the over thoughts flow in and take over, so what do they really know

I'm underwhelmed and feeling crazy.

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